2.2.3 Release notes

New Features

  • New advanced airplane models: A359, A35K
  • 90 new or refurbished airplane liveries (see detailed list on WoA Forum under ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or ‘release-223’ tag)
  • 22 new destinations (details on WoA Forum under “New Content” category or “release-223” tag)
  • Additional LHR stands 234 and 235 instead of “construction site” place
  • Updated airplane camera views (B788, B789, B78X, B77W, B744, BCS1, BCS3, DHC6, SF34, SF34F, A359, A35K)
  • Graphical and performance tweaks (not only at LHR airport)
  • WoApedia new livery unlock only when contract is properly completed (in green satisfaction)
  • Airlines logos update in WoApedia
  • New routes update (in example A388 Qatar from DOH to LHR, A359 Iberia from MAD to LHR or A359 Finnair from HEL to LHR)

Bug fixes

  • Reverse thrust fix
  • Arrival queue fix
  • Airplanes stuck after arrival to a stand (in consequence of playing the landing or parking minigame on another airplane)
  • Freeze/Crash on Samsung devices fix (devices equiped mainly with Exynos chipsets)
  • LHR taxi and pushback bug fixes (in example pushback from stand 221, departure from stand 313, stop point added for stands 410-412 at terminal 4, etc.)
  • Deicing minigame issues fix
  • Main camera fix (tilt issues which were able to get after fast swiping to go under limit of the camera view)
  • MCT not working parking minigame at stands 403 and 405 fix
  • Jet bridges fixes at LHR airport (in example stands 318, 407)
  • Water salute fix at LHR airport
  • Construction mode vs. ATC controllers bug fix (deselect of objects after purchase of stand)
  • A19N missing doors fix
  • Wrong flag icons fix
  • DH64 (Comet) front wheels fix on several liveries (Silver custom, Air France, BOAC, MSA, Qantas)
  • International British Airways routes at LHR (in example routes from GIB, FAO and SVG displayed as International instead of Local)

Hopefully it’s sorted the lag on LHR as when moving vehicles were added it made it non playable.

Also good to finally see Qatar A380 added to Heathrow.

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No more camera glitch😭

Does this mean you can only unlock it once you reach 10 handlings because if so then completing the woapedia will take ages


Not really. First contract is for one handling. When you complete it properly - you have it.


Good to see the additional LHR space at terminal 2 as the construction site was dated back in 2019 but those gates reopened recently.


Sad to see the camera glitch was removed…

Other than that, great update!



Thank you @Flyboys for the update. Awesome game!

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Oh, I get the push message as well.

I have set up the download and hopefully enjoy this tomorrow!

I think they were aware that it was a well liked feature, knowing the devs I would take it as a sign that they are planning to integrate it into the game, it just many not have been ready by the time the update was out.

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Good update but I would like to see more L aircraft into LHR like LOT 787 or Aer Lingus A330 as they operate there widebodies occasionally

Good that we got qatar a388 at lhr, but will we get Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad a388 at prg?

Thank you! In the next update, can we fix the 2d map at LHR to reflect the new changes to where the construction site used to be? Thanks.

Also, are there plans to redesign the B752? Thanks for everything though. Love the update.


Yes, advanced model for the pax B757 is planned, so please stay tuned for game updates :airplane:


Thank you!!! Keep up the amazing work.

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Thanks for the update
I ask you to take a look at planes pushing back at gate 238
Had 777 pushback and turned weirdly instead of lining up to taxi on the taxi line to 27R
Haven’t noticed it with any other gates (237/239 yet)

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What camera glitch you mean the one on the fleet plane or?

The one where you glitch the main camera below the allowed height