2.2.6 Release notes

Bug fixes

  • Delivery tower controller fix
  • Selling airplane during an active connection fix: An error occurred when the connection partner canceled the contract and the airplane owner sold it

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know the tower delivery still isn’t working at MCT. Submitting a ticket

Has the update released yet? Usually they put these release notes out a bit before the update actually hit the stores.

Its out for me now on apple
Edit: it fully dowladed, and now its downloading again :upside_down_face:

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since 2.2.6 i get way more ingame-freezes that last for about a second. they have been there since 2.2.x but way shorter and not that often. anybody else having the same problem?


Hello I encounter the same problem as you at the beginning I had a few, but since 2.2.6 they are much more present and it’s a real shame if it could be corrected it would be perfect !

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Hi, I experience ingame-freezes since 2.2.6. I have never had any before. I have asked on discord about them. Many players confirmed the same. I have already reported it to devs on support email.


After 2.2.6 download… My device is getting heat while playing LHR. Other airports seems okay.

Any IOS user experience this?

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Yes, the device heats up more than before when playing LHR! I’m an iPhone, IOS 15.6.1 .

LHR problem seems to be fixed with 2.2.7. Thx!

Still has bugs. Had this issue this morning at LHR.

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I’ve sent this to the Devs before you post it

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I think the “taxiway bugs” will no longer be fixed, as a completely new taxiway system will be implemented with a future update and hopefully EVERYTHING will be fixed with it


Update on the report


Even mine gets heated up. Its an android.
So maybe its a game issue rather than Android or ios.

It always will happen especially on android phones, especially since I play LHR for an Hour

My Android phone is good now aster 2.2.7 version.

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