2.2 Update Feedback

The Qatar A380 is there and even the Finnair A350.

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Don’t see it at LHR.

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From LHR nothing.

Take it easy, this needs to be done slowly. There are still many A359s that haven’t been put in. Because currently, the A350 mold still needs improvement.

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The LHR airport is a big and well-done airport. however, due to its large size, I cannot have a full view of the airport even in 2D view, so please add new zoom ratio for the LHR so user can view the whole airport in 2D view


I have both of em to IAD not LHR.

Yeah and MCT , but not LHR yet even though they do fly in their on daily basis.

I know that the upcoming request won’t do much for the gamers but I guess many arcraft enthusiasts love details.

So I thought it would be pretty cool to fill up the hangar area on LHR with some planes. This area is enormous huge and looks empty to me. Either it could be the option, to park your own planes there if they are going to have a maintenance check or the developers just put some planes from BA in there to fill up the parking spots.
I believe that they already did that in PRG and INN

Keep up the work boys and girls.