2.3.0 bugs

Hey guys,
Thanks for this update. It is really nice to have the whole A320 Family!!!
But is have to report a Bug!!
After i was completing the “Parking-Minigame”, the airplane didn’t shut down its engine. You can see the aircraft typ in the image!!


send to support@flyboys.games

Thank you guys so much for this update!

One thing i am wondering though is, are we able to purchase A320 family CEO aircraft with IAE V2500 engines and/or sharklets, or are player aircraft limited to CFM-56 engines and wingtip fences?

In addition, i think that the A21N and A21NX should have a lower passenger capacity and/or a higher limit on business class seats because of the exit layout

I guess same bug at SAN and NGO too

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Currently you’re only limited to what’s there, they’re working on a method to change engines and sharklets

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