2.3.0 New Destinations

  • AEX Alexandria
  • ALA Almaty
  • CEB Cebu Mactan
  • CGO Zhengzhou
  • CGQ Changchun
  • DAD Da Nang
  • DJE Djerba
  • FAE Vagar
  • FJR Fujairah
  • HGH Hangzhou
  • HRB Harbin
  • HRL Harlngen
  • LXA Lhasa
  • MDE Medellin
  • MGA Managua
  • MIR Monastir
  • NGB Ningbo
  • PBC Puebla
  • SHA Shanghai Hongqiao
  • SHE Shenyang
  • SKD Samarkand
  • UIO Quito
  • WUH Wuhan
  • WUX Wuxi
  • ZAD Zadar

New destinations for NGO. Nice!


Hopefully in a future update, I’d love to see a destination airport be Zakynthos in Greece! Smartwings for both Czechia and Slovakia (in the future) fly there, so it would be cool to see!


Hopefully missing existing destinations will also be added

Finally Wuhan, my hometown, really appreciated, thank you, really nice work!


The post in question has been deleted, that was out of order and not necessary.


Thank you

whats the discord server???

Hello, I woke up this morning and no update in the store! Still waiting for validation by both OS?

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Yes. Rumors of google having approved it are false

Thank you for the quick reply ! Good day to you.

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It would be great to see pins from new destinations with another colour.


can we also have MFM (Macau) and XMN (Xiamen) included in the future? Air Macau operates a fleet of A320, A20N, A321 and A21N within Asia, as the flag carrier of Macau. Although it doesn’t fly to NGO, but it does connect NRT and KIX. Xiamen Air B788 is already in the game, therefore it makes sense to have its home base XMN included, and it also flies to SYD and MEL with its B788 or B789. It’d be really nice to have its special UN livery B789 included in the game before SYD airport is released! Last but not the least, massive thanks to the team who made such great effort renewing the A320 family in the game, your hard work is well appreciated!


Yes, we can. And we will :slight_smile:


Can you add more a320 of Vietjet air and Vietnam airlines in the future. We have comunity about 1300 players in Vietnam, and we glad to see our national airlines in this game.

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i hope than there’s a possibility for philippine airlines and cebu pacific a320 family.

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Are Lanzarote (ACE) and La Palma (SPC) being considered as future destination airports? Would work perfectly with the Condor A321s


Not all airlines have arrived, right, because I have searched for Hawaiian airlines and I can’t find it. Could you clear up my doubt about which airport, if I can find it or is it just going to be added?

It’s available for SAN from HNL, OGG and KOA