2.3.0 non bug issues

I strongly suggesting modify LHR landing rolling time. It’s way too slow when aircraft rolling out of active runway. Also with new taxi system, doesn’t make any sense for M aircraft roll almost all the way to the end to exit the runway. It’s even longer than before for aircraft vacate runway. Please change it.


I think the current taxi system is not designed for “normal taxiing”, it is designed for us to actively intervene in the taxi way.

I also find it very depressing at the moment that everyone takes the exit at the very end to T5 (LHR).

Hope the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. As much as I love the new update, LHR currently makes no sense.

Not everyone, just planes that are going to the farther terminals. But I understand and hope it will be fixed too, they don’t need to stay on the runway

@Krankenwart I’d agree at @Bluebird.[quote=“WOAFan, post:4, topic:14878, full:true”]
@Krankenwart I’d agree at @Bluebird.

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There is something that devs hate is to make ncrease taxi speed, we have been asking for this since version 1, I really dont know why they are so stubborn and obnoxious about taxiing speed

Am I the only one who is having troubles with planes getting ‘stuck’ on taxiways out of the runways after the new Update? I have problems with it on SAN MCT & IAD. I have already send a mail to Flyboys, but I was wondering if anyone here has the same problems or if it is just me.

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Yes I got it at SAN and MCT
Haven’t played IAD yet
But I sent an email to them yesterday

I have also send them an email, let’s hope that there is a hotfix today or tomorrow

IAD seems to be fine so far

I am afraid IAD is far from fine. The taxi system is just as bugged as the other airports. It is such a shame that they released a version that needs an urgent patch. Surely these problems were seen during the beta testing?

Have you updated to 2.3.1 ?

I’d like the taxi speed to increase as well, but I think find it to be quite realistic as is.

I think they need to fix the compatibility issues on chromebook