2.3.0 taxiing system bug

New 2.3.0 taxiing system not working at PRG.

Also in MCT bugs and SAN

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Unfortunately at several airports and locations.

I have already reported it. I think the current taxi system is not designed for “normal taxiing”, it is designed for us to actively intervene in the taxi way.

I also find it very depressing at the moment that everyone takes the exit at the veeeeery end to T5 (LHR).

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Found one at IAD. Two m planes are waiting for an x plane on the other side of the airport.

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Think the devs will already know but send to support@flyboys.games

Yea not sure why aircraft’s keep standing still at this intersection

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Hey everyone, the problem appears to be caused when a plane is on the runway waiting to take off. Once it moves, the blockage will clear.

it is actually an error

It affects more aircraft than just those leaving the runway …… everything stops. Was 2.3.0 really beta tested? I am surprised at such a “buggy” release.

There is supposed to be a 2.3.1 release live for Android, not yet for IOS