2.3.1 Release notes

New Features

  • Optimization of airport bus models

Bug fixes

  • Airplane pathfinding errors at crossroads

  • Handling of the A321F cargo airplane

  • Graphical glitch on the big pushback truck

  • CRJ9 airplane passengers not walking from the bus

  • Fixed Lufthansa livery on A320 airplane


Is this out already? Thank you anyways for quickly fixing these bugs !

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Great work.

But the terminals in LHR still need fixing though. They ate still see-through.

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Yes, besides that, on my S9 FE Tablet the graphic at LHR seems to be very low, despite having the Graphics on “Pretty”

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Thanks Devs

I have the same issue, all the liveries seem blurry at a distance


Fix the compatibility issues on Chromebook pls

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