2.3.2 Release notes

New Features

  • Graphical and performance tweaks and optimizations

  • Extended possibility of playing the parking minigame on more stands at all airports

  • 5 new liveries for the A320 family (see detailed list on WoA Forum under ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or ‘release-232’ tag)

  • Separate sounds for A320 family NEO models

  • New routes here and there

Bug fixes

  • Airplane pathfinding errors at all airports

  • Parking/Landing minigame issues fixes

  • Graphical bug fixes (duplicated handling crew, airport buses fixes, wheels on baggage cars, NGO stand 304 highlighted even when occupied, transparent terminal 5 concourses at LHR airport, PRG stands 5/13/14 adjusted to prevent airplane overlapping on the stand, NGO lamp from jet bridge at stand 25)

  • Concorde airplane handling bug fix

  • Liveries graphical bug fixing (A321 Iberia - sign fix, A320/A20N/B77W Air China - sign fix, A318/A319/A320/A321/A321F Supreme 3 custom livery color on left engine fix, A359/A35K Premium 4 custom livery - tail fix, B738 Air Canada / Delta / Czech Airlines icons updated)


Thank you for adding JetBlue to Boston :+1:


Thank you very much for that, I knew that Iván was waiting patiently for what to do, thank you.

What does this mean?

Thank so much

Means they aren’t going to be specific but they added some new routes

I guess taxi system gotta wait then.

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There’s still some parking mini game at some gates having issues.

So like different airlines fly to different places? Aight :+1:

New routes here and there

I’m looking for it and can’t find it

Thank you, but can you please add delta from lhr to seattle and lax?

So gets this I just received the updates is no wonder why I’m stuck on the parking mini game

This means at least that JetBlue is adding BOS as HQ, so LHR-BOS, SXM-BOS and SAN-BOS are finally available with JetBlue.

In addition, the following routes are now available at SAN. I am not aware of any other routes.


Sacramento (SMF)

Baltimore (BWI)

Oakland (OAK)

San Jose (SJC)


San Francisco (SFO)

El Paso (ELP)


Thanks for the info.
Also found some new routes at NGO. Peach is now available to CTS and TPE. United is added from NGO to GUM.

In Europe are new routes from this update? Thank you.