2.3.4 Release notes

2.3.4 Release notes

New Features

  • Upgraded look of AN12 (with a new engine smoke feature), BCS1 and BCS3 airplanes
  • New airlines and custom liveries. Check out the detailed list on the WoA Forum under the ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or search for the ‘release-234’ tag.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed landing priority for the approach tower controller: Favorite airplanes (marked with a heart icon) land first, followed by others based on their time in the landing queue.
  • Improved airplane pathfinding at various airports.
  • Resolved Concorde handling and boarding issues.
  • Fixed issues related to downloading of airports.
  • Fixed the marshalling/parking minigame on stand number 3 at NGO Nagoya airport.
  • Addressed various graphical bugs at airports: Upgraded MCT Muscat’s sea, fixed SXM’s landscape, corrected PRG jet bridges on stands 22-24, LHR jet bridges on stands 323 and 327, and repositioned parked buses at INN airport.
  • Corrected airplane graphics: Fixed the white color issue on Supreme 2 custom liveries for the new (3rd generation) airplane models.

Thanks for the update! I just checked on the game and I found that the landing sequence is starting from the bottom and walking all the way up. Should it be the other way around (starting from the top, the oldest planes) or did I miss something here? Btw, the engine smoke on An-12 looks awesome!


Thank you for update. I can’t wait to see the new airlines that you’ve added.


Thank you dear developers, for listening and attending to all the error reports that I send you, the errors that I reported have really improved, thank you for the trust you have in me.I reported the Bari buses and they corrected it Report the bus error to INN and they corrected it I reported the sea error in Muscat and they corrected it and others who corrected it.


Now all we need now is to fix the Freebird A320 which here is the message

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I actually preferred the previous landing priority, it made my IAD more full and busy which is what I always wanted for that airport.

Could it be brought back perhaps as a toggle option? It was suggested before this update this way players could choose to their liking.


Not a fan of that as it just landed your aircraft and any player contracts first, rather it was random like in real life. But what I ended up doing was only having three of my planes land at a time.


Im saying the size aspect of landing priority how it landed L/X before M, due to the amount of agents at IAD it would allow gates A/B to fill up and when full it would slowly fill up gates C/D

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Could you please make visual corrections for the boeing series? (For example B747-8 and B77LF)

I would love the landing priority to be reverted to 2.3.3. For IAD in example: random M planes land first while random l/x planes are already assigned to the spare stands. My own fleet is therefore not assigned to those stands and it takes (again just like 2.3.2) a lot of time before my own l/x planes show up.

At MCT i.e. i assigned a lot of “bs” e170’s to the stands that i didnt want tower delivery to ever use (for optimum runway usage). An m/l/x would always be incoming for a second round even when the m pool wasn’t empty yet.


Just favourite them

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I have over 300 contracts at some airports. By favouriting all that are allowed to land, my own fleet is again nowhere to be see.

It would be nice to set your own priorities i.e. like:
Prio 1 own (in order xlms)
Prio 2 p2p
Prio 3 random (in order xlms)

But also to be able to swap order or prio’s. That way everyone gets what they like.

And the ability to close stands would help to reduce the amount of ghost contracts.


What was changed?


This doesn’t work for everybody. What about for those of us who want to see variety at our airports or want to play realistically? All of us who had 300+ contracts, our S and M planes were never to be seen.

They should at best introduce a way to customize the arrival queue. But it shouldn’t go back to how it just was.


This is why im suggesting a toggle this way players can choose landing priority to their liking.

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The landing agent feature is clearly not a one-size-fits-all feature. Either way you’re annoying certain players.

I for one am in the camp of wanting the larger planes to land first and get priority as soon as an X/L gate becomes available. Airports like PRG and BRI desperately need it when you have so many more M/S stands than X/L gates.

I think it needs the following:

  • Toggle for Favorites landing first
  • Toggle between landing in order that they’re assigned OR in XLMS order.

This should please both types of players.

Alternatively, but probably more complicated to implement, would be the following options:

  • Allow us to choose the size priorities (e.g. instead of XLMS, we could set it as XMLS)
  • the list of waiting planes on the right of the screen should simply be the landing queue. Allow us to drag and drop planes in whatever order we want.

I put all the ones I want to land first and the problem was fixed As with the previous way of landing, I put all S and M as favorites and they landed then I gave priority to the largest ones and the matter was fixed.

thank you for that!