2 bugs related to BRI

  1. User @Cakepeople2 is reporting that he isnt getting money from my INN to BRI connections, the connections are counting just no money

  2. On my PRG to BRI connection with @B4RRERITA, It only shows the airport streak generally (now at 52) when I handle one of their planes the player streak shows up, but as soon as I log off again it disappears


As it was mentioned here already on forums - connection bug is random bug and root cause of it can not be found so far. Vast majority of players have no error, I have problem myself with connection PRG<>IAD that it doesn’t count general connections. So be it - it will be fixed when it is possible.

Yes, the same thing happens to me, then I have to leave the game and enter to return the numbers

@shill, we have achieved the player connection, but I have no way to claim the golden airplane, is there anyway this can be fixed or do I need to start over with a different connection