2 requests to dev team

it will be usefull to have this 2 future to have a better game experience as long as we proceed to have bigger airport…

  1. in the arrival table are showed some informations for each flight, but 1 fondametal is missing… if the incoming planes are civil or cargo, it will help us to “preserve” some technical slot for them

  2. it will be usefull too if we can have the complete list of all flights incoming and not only our and those by our “connected” friend, always to have a better experience in our airport management.


#1 you can already see that by the aircraft type. Cargo planes will have F after them

#2 given the generic aircraft are spawned at Random this would need a coding change to do it which may not be high on the priority list.

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thanks @carlsberg72 i didn’t notice the “F” about my first request.

I didn’t see it…

this is my screen can you tell me exactly where find it?

for the second thanks for having answered and clarified in-game details

It’s the aircraft type. In your screenshot those are all passenger aircraft.
See example here from BRI the first two are Cargo aircraft. Albeit that the next aircraft that comes in will start from the bottom of the list not the top.

ok now it’s more clear, you said “aircafrt type” and I was wondering where this indication was.

about the priority bottom to up, yes, I already noticed it, but it’s better you have written it so could be useful for other players.


probably should have said Airplane model not type… but we got there! :slight_smile:

reg. # 2:
I understand it would require quite some coding. However, I hope at some point the generic aircraft arrival list will move from the bottom (which would clean up the bottom part of the screen significantly - yes, I know you can collapse all non-handleable planes) to the arrivals menu on the right. But that definitely should not be top priority.