20 open spaces at NGO

I am looking for some connections to my NGO.
All M, L and X planes are welcome, als the Cargo planes.

I am now at level 36 and play daily
My ingame ID name is: TheOman73

Hello! Did sent 2 requests from LHR (UniqueGolem3982, 77F, 789)
More are possible, also from other airports or to other airports.
Bye, Stefan

Txs, i accepted them. More is very welcome. M, L and X planes if you have them. I also play at AID and LHR.

Do you need any planes anywhere?

If you guys have some more planes to sent, send it to me at Muscat, LHR and NGO

My username is player6441009686

Hi, I will send some other planes, just requested 2 for your IAD (748F and Concorde).
I welcome S and M at SAN and PRG, any type at NGO and MCT.

Perfect, txs.

I work in the evening and weekend.

Tomorrow morning i will accept them

I send you 8 M plane requests from my LHR to your PRG. Hope you have room for them.

Also some from my AID to your SAN.

Thank you, accepted your requests at PRG.

My planes are still waiting at LHR to make the flights to PRG. The requests are not yet answered on my side.

Strange. I accepted all 8, maybe it takes some time.

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There are handled and on their way to PRG

On my device they still have the status “at LHR” and are not visible on radar. It seems as if there are some server-problems, experienced similar delays sometimes before V2.0, we have to be patient. Have a nice evening (if you are in the same timezone as me, CET, Austria)! Bye, Stefan

It will be probably the update.

I am at the time zone of europe. The Netherlands.

It is now 21.00u.

Good Morning, finally your planes arrived. Nice livery, colors looking good. Started servicing now, today with deicing in PRG. Bye, Stefan

Nice. I also have requests to your MCT and SAN from my AID, LHR and PRG. Will you accept them or don’t you play MCT?

Thanks, I will accept them.

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I send you 2 requests from LHR to your MCT. You got room for these 2?

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