#3- Launched Content Section Update

Hi all,
I’ve done some updating to the Launched Content section to align more with how things are coming out.
There’s a release notes section (which 2.1 will be added to in the near future) and then categories for each type of plane (S,M,L and X)… I have also tagged every aircraft added by the devs prior to the latest release. with the following info:
Aircraft Size
Aircraft Type
Version Release

You can go down to the category level to see them, or you can use the search functionality to locate your favorite airline etc.

here’s the link to the main category: Launched Content - World of Airports forum

you can go from there.

The 2.1 content will be moved there soon to make way for future content

It’s still a bit of a work in progress to make this forum format work for the content, so may change again, but for now, I am going with this. We shall see.

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