#4- Connections update and LHR

Hi everyone,

Latest happenings in forum world.

  1. Firstly for those that haven’t figured it out yet. I’m English not American, but I do live outside of Boston, MA.
  2. I have just finished re-configuring the Connections categories to align to a single airport per category as departure airport options following the poll I put out there. And thank you for responding. Should make life a whole lot easier for everyone to find and post and maybe we will get a few more requests now, we shall see.
  3. Kuba has just flipped the New Content aircraft to Launched Content, I will go through and tag those soon.
  4. LHR is getting closer by the day. Testing has been extensive, but fast overall, lots of bugs and pathing issues have been found and fixed. The new model is awesome, but be prepared, you think IAD is a beast, this is on a whole other level. More good stuff coming, but you will have to trust me on that one

Coming Attractions

Wiki pages- updates to everything after BRI and adding LHR, lots to do here.

Announcements, clean up and locking of old threads

FAQ’s - Need to update and add, looking for contributors and folks willing to add you tube videos or clips to help support

More soon, always around if you want to message me.

Until LHR

Andy (Carlsberg72)


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