[420] Four Twenty Alliance

Welcome to the Four Twenty Alliance!

Four Twenty – No one flies higher than we do!


We are a VERY active and fun loving community of 20 folks who reside primarily on discord, and were established in September of 2023. Please be warned:

1. We aren’t a family friendly community. We keep it (mostly) civil and respectful, though, as personal attacks do no one any good!
2. We do not allow hate speech of any kind. There will be no second chances on this.


We do have an alliance livery that is required to be used at least once in your fleet:

The two greens are required colors, and the third color choice is up to you, as well as the specific livery.


At this point, we are an invite only alliance, capped at 20 members. We may grow / expand the alliance when/if alliances are officially implemented in game. When/if we open recruitment, we will let you know below!


Nice to see this on the forums :slight_smile:

Can you dm me a member list by any chance?

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How to join alliance

look up

Congratulations with this new Alliance. I hope you have as much fun as we have with AWA.

Orange Air Logo v2023 mini sig


Let’s hope all 8 alliance’s can become successful


Thank you, and agreed, @Ecoaviation ! The social element keeps this game interesting and I hope that the 8 alliances we have aren’t only successful, but that they encourage more people to do the same!


As of right now we aren’t open for new members! Sorry!

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You all open to cross alliance contracts?
Would be interesting to receive your planes and send yall ours!!


Omfg stop linking to that site

What is it? A scam website or something?

Most likely, given the circumstances. I would strongly suggest not clicking it

What the hell? A scam website? And if so I will report it. :rage:

It’s a limo rent site ig

Really wierd
He links to it in like every post

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And he only joined a day ago and hasn’t said a single thing except “agreeing” with people and sneaking in a link

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I’ll bring it up to the alliance members, and get back to you!