#5 - Forum Rules and Decorum

Hi everyone,
Been a while and I hope to have another blog post in the near future about more fun items. But today need to address a few things.

1.Creation of threads - While it’s important to keep a forum like this fresh and alive with new threads and content, many topics already have their own threads. Please review the standard threads before creating your own, it keeps the board clearer as a result.

  1. Bug and Technical Reporting - While you are welcome to post your own threads (although 27 of them is a bit miuch, so you may want to consolidate) - please note the devs do NOT review this forum for such items, the only way for them to be able to look at anything is by sending to support@flyboys.games and note it’s on them to determine if they send a response or not. Sometimes it’s just a way of creating a ticket in their system to look at ones that crop up more often and to create a list for them to review and update for the next release.

  2. Admin and Mod work - I am going to be clear with everyone on this forum. We pride ourselves on not having to deal with a bunch of issues, it’s been the hallmark of this forum since Day 1. but lately we are seeing some complaints and frustrations about the handling of certain things.
    To be clear, Admins and Mods have ultimate discretion on how we handle this forum, occasionally we will talk to the devs about something to make sure they are comfortable with it, but in 99% of cases, we handle things. This system allows Admins and Mods to pretty much change anything on this site. and I mean anything.
    We can change topic headers, comments, merge threads into other threads, delete things, change usernames, and much more. So be aware. While we don’t want to come across as draconian either, we have the tools to keep this forum as clean as possible

  3. Decorum - In recent weeks we have seen an uptick in fighting amongst members because opinions differ. We accept we are all keyboard warriors here, it’s much easier to type stuff than it is to say something. But generally we ask people to “think before you type”… If things start to get out of control, we can issue warnings, but we can also issue silencings and then suspensions and finally banning orders. We prefer not to use them, but will if necessary. Easier to say is “Knock it off”

  4. Thread Management - While i have alluded to this above. At our discretion we may merge new threads with existing threads. close threads or delete them entirely for a variety reasons, note that this isn’t personal, it’s purely to keep the forum cleaner for people to find the threads they are looking for more easily. Also, certain categories are set to flag thread requests before they are posted, chances are, your thread will likely get moved if you post to one of those.

  5. Political Discourse - I know there are differing opinions on the handling of certain political situations within the game. If you have issue with that, take it up with the devs directly, by emailing them. Within the forum, keep this out of the discussion. It never ends well and we have already seen issues. It’s not our (Admin and Mod) decision about how the game play is reflected with world events. If you start complaining about it or fighting with other members about it. see #4 above. Action will be taken.

As i said, I will look to do another modblog soon about site features etc, but have been very busy and unable to do some of the things i wanted to do.

Thank you for reading.

Andy (Carlsberg 72) and the Admin/Mod Forum Team


I just want to say that I appreciate the work you all do here in keeping the forums a mostly positive non-toxic place! I wish the discord operated like this.

Cheers, and keep up the great work!


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