777-200LR Update

I feel like the devs should just take the current 777-300er model and scale it to be slighty more narrower and bam, 200 variant is done. (yea I know some liveries are gonna be a bit squashed but this is a joke of course)

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Or they can just update the 77LF, and then turn that the 772/L and we can get it without squashed liveries :melting_face:?

Or they can do it properly when it’s the 777’s turn to be fully updated… just saying


Thats what I mean.

That is what they can do when its the 777’s turn since 77LF is just a cargo version of 772/L

yeah, still when 77lf gets updated the 772 might come right? they are the same

Idk why but I feel like there might be an another update on existing 777-300ER model when they decide to remake whole 777-200 series as the one here isn’t that ideal compared to other remade models tbh

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I doubt it, it is up to the latest generation at very high quality, and they wouldn’t waste that much time on tiny trivial things like that

they should update 77w as the current model dont have gear retraction system
so we will the more visible fan blade animations when it gets updated

The 77W is one of the newest models, and is made with gear retraction in mind like all v3 models. However I do believe the 77W needs some work done to its tail, where the tail joins the fuselage, it seems to extend out further than it should

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Oh sorry, in 787 its clearly visible so i was confused
but main landing gear doors arent painted