777 or 777F?

Quick question - other than variety, is there a reason to start adding 777F if I already have 777? I can see it useful at SAN where there are only 4 L/X pax gates (and can make 2 L cargo gates).

Or, 747F? Other than uniqueness, is C-17 a money-maker?


The B777F is an extremely big money earner, especially on very short routes. Stick that thing on IAD-YYZ or SAN-PDX & it soon pays for itself. For some reason the earnings for cargo stay roughly the same no matter how far you send it, so imo it makes no sense to send it very far. The jumbo earns more but is more limited with destinations & takes forever to turnaround. The C17 is quite a good choice as its the quickest to load/unload.

This is great, am looking primarily for SAN so this is perfection!

Thank you