777 Variant Reveal

Since Lots of People say the WoA Variant is the 777-300ER I’ve looked around and found out that it is the 777-300 in WoAIMG_20201223_002620_729

Then add the 777-200 in WOA.

how do you see the difference between ER and not ER?

Wing tips, the 777-300 doesn’t have the raked tip, the 777-300ER does. The in game 777 is a 777-300ER (B77W).


Reminds me of this video.

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Engines they aren’t GE90 Monsters

It doesn’t have the GE90 Engines they look more like Rolls Royce Trent 800s

It’s a 777-300ER wingtips give it away, it also doesn’t have to have GE90s.

The BA fleet of 777-200ER have a few GE90 airframes. Most BA airframes have RR engines as an example.

Games can’t look exactly same as real life but this looks like GE90 engines.

They don’t have spikes at the back
Rolls Royce
They have a little spiky back.
So, I would recommend those are GE90 engines but not that sure.

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 777-300

Boeing 777-200ER

Boeing 777-200LR

All are chosen from the right place from Google.
I do recommend a little angle at the wingtip in the 777-300ER so it could be the 777-300ER.

That bottom engine is a RR Trent 1000 on a 787.

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777s have Trent 800s

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Trent 800

Also quite same as the GE90 engines.

This is a 777, not a 787.


That’s a 787…

Here is a photo I took of a TUI 787-9, the engine you showed on the bottom image is from a 787.

Yea and only the Early Variants have the Trent 800s so it’s a 777-300 with 777-300ER wingtips

World of Airports has Boeing 777-300ER with Trent 800 engines.

But the engines in game as too large to be RR Trent 800 engines They are GE90s. The in game 777 is a 777-300ER, all the liveries even suggest and confirm it to be an ER.