8 Connections Available

I’ve 8 Airbuses waiting for connections at IAD
Drop your id for connections.


Ok first put all the connections in the connection tab and 2nd do you have any L aircraft if so send it to me to LHR.
Username: PlasticMonkey4712

I’ll take to LHR

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Can you send some to my PRG please
Id : vsbmotors18
4 a388

I’ll take one into LHR, will be handled maximum every 2 days.
IGN: Player9500912613

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@Helpfulwyvern345 Good morning ! If you have one left over, let it arrive. will be handled as soon as I can get my hands on WOA :ok_hand:

Direction PRAGA

Mi ID : odREjiO16JQw0NkpJXTH

Flight is waiting for you dear…

Flight is waiting for you…

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Do you have any L aircraft that is not an X?

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Yes, wait I’ll send you…

Sent it to LHR


@Helpfulwyvern345 can you send 4 a388 to PRG

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Plz wait, my planes waiting for stands

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Plz wait I’ll send you after some time

Your 1st plane is on the way

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thank you for the connection

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Most welcome

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On its way now, will be handled later!

777Lopaka at MCT

Dude I have been waiting for a request for about 2 hours and still has not got it what’s going on?