A few questions about IAD Android

Hey guys,

I have been playing out of IAD and am in the process of closing MCT for those glorious SP’s.

-On android, LEJ is the biggest Airport is that it for now?
-The flight tracker link is not working what do I have to do to get that going for me?
-Will the android interface be updated on June?
-What airports will be added?
-I have spent some $ and never received any airport keys, how do I get them ?

LEJ is the largest cargo airport, IAD is the largest passenger airport by total stands.

It was taken down and will be replaced by an in-game version in the next major update.

I’m not sure what an android interface is, the game is the same on iOS and android.

Sint Maarten/Princess Juliana Int’l (SXM) in next major update, and an unconfirmed large airport after that.

I am confused here too, do you mean golden airplanes? The airport keys feature was removed some time ago.

If you made an in app purchase but didn’t receive your product, I would contact the devs on Instagram or Facebook. They are great about answering support questions quickly.


Thank you for the response!

The game might be the same and that’s good, but the aesthetics are VERY different on IOS and android. So much so that the golden keys are still showing on the android interface. :slight_smile:

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It’s the same between IOS and Android. Golden keys are still a thing on IOS and Android. You can’t earn or buy them anymore though.


Hi, I digress a bit. Is it possible to have multiple stands on one stand? Simply put, I have Stand M but I don’t know if it is possible to have Stand S on it. Thank you for your answer!

Yes it is possible, but it depends on the size of the stand. At IAD, the A and B gates can be either L or X, the C and D gates can only be M, and the R gates can be either M or S.