A300, A300f, A310, A310f

Who likes these planes and why should they get added to WoA please Let me Know your Opinion on those
I Like these


The A300 would be awesome, I flew onboard a Monarch a couple of years before they where retired. If they do add the A300, it would be great to see Monarch!

It’s added as a L aircraft in the feedback forum, personally I think it should be a M.

I would rather see a Boeing 747-400 version.:flight_departure: :relaxed:


I agree! Some liveries look odd on the -8. 767 has got to be my most wanted though!


My favorite Airbus aircraft. Hope they are added someday.

I Actually want them to see as Cargo Planes

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L is right to be honest, it’s the same level as a 787 in terms of size and shape.

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In all fairness, the A300 is one of them either or aircraft. L in size but M in range.

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It’s L Range

Sadly only Cargo Versions would be Present as most are Passenger Versions are Retired

757 and A300 have similar ranges, if anything the A300 can fly a few hundred miles further. 757s and A300s also have a similar capacity (dependent on the configuration and the airline)

Essentially the 757 has length and the A300 has width.