A319 - Development observations

After watching both teasers for the upcoming A319, I’ve noticed 2 issues.

  1. Nose Gear doors - They are 737 style when in theory they should be the same as the A320, only at the top of the gear strut.
    Nose gear looks like this: image
  2. Reverse thrust only shows on the outer side of the engines, not the inside.

    That said, I’m fully aware that the model is in development, and so are the animations. I just thought I’d point out these errors prior to the release.

Other than that, the model looks great! Hopefully the A320 will be getting the same treatment soon!


737-800 reworked model also have some minor issues, and one of the most noticeable: its fuselage is situated too low, relative to ground. That can be seen by main gear position.
But, independently, new model is a masterpiece!

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Can’t really say I noticed anything with the 737s, the nose gear doors on the A319 really needs a dressing prior to release. It does look slightly odd. Otherwise, like you say they are great!

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