A319neo - Livery & Engines

I noticed that part of the livery on the aircrafts tail is missing, leaving a white patch. The engines are also incorrect, and the aircraft is pretty much an A319 with Sharklets, not an A319neo.

Is there nothing different with the stats, such as less fuel consumption?

Well it’s double the price and can only hold 150 passengers (slightly more than the A319), it has a longer range and I believe it’s a little faster.

The same problem is on the 737 MAX too!

But the max had extended maintenance d atleast. The neo had the same as the normal

So to clear up any questions here’s the screenshots from the hangar:

1 &2 - A319 N
3& 4 - 319 CEO

Slight increase in passengers no difference in speed or maintenance intervals.price 51,000 for the CEO and 101k for the neo

5&6 737-800 - 189 pax, 453 speed and 453,000 to maintenance D, 96,000 purchase price

7& 8 738M - 210 pax, 527 speed and 527,000 to maintenance D, 121,600 purchase price.

The Max is definitely way better given the economics listed (haven’t got to the fuel numbers yet) but I do have a soft spot for the 319neo. So I ended up buying both. Missions will likely be different anyway for me.

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Noticed an unusual circular pattern on the aircrafts tail, only visible at night when the tail lights are on.

You can also see the missing piece of livery on the tail.