A320 Remodel

I reported it to the devs myself earlier. We don’t have such things as air con in the UK so convertable airports are the latest trend :smile:

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Right the game is officially broken. A bunch of discord members (led by geo) have been working on profitability of the A320 family and the 21neo/nx make 1500!!! More than the previous most valuable, the 738m.

Graph courtesy of geo

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The A21NX is fantastic imo, I’ve got one with a total of 211 seats (12 business, 199 eco) flying between INN and JFK, with an 85% load it’s already earning over 3k. Got one doing LHR to YUL with the same config earning over 4k with a 92% load.

It’s a worthwhile investment, never would I have expected the A321neo to be earning more than wide bodies (ie A306) on a lot of transatlantic routes.

Yeah no it’s huge. The 21nx is the same profit level as the baseline neo, but higher range and higher maintenance costs

The higher range is the reason I’ve gone for that and not the A21N. I’m not sure if the SP/XP rewards are any different between them, which could make it more appealing in that perspective as well as its added range.

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Are you having troubles with planes getting ‘stuck’ on taxiways out of the runways after the new Update? I have problems with it on SAN MCT & IAD. I have already send a mail to Flyboys, but I was wondering if anyone here has the same problems or if it is just me.

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Yes me too

Lets hope for a quick fix !

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I have the same problem. So do many other people. There is a topic about it.

Thanks to A320 I reached the 1000!!!


Anyone else?


Have you completed the level of all the airports?:astonished:
I need a lot of time to complete all the airport levels.:joy:

Well, I lost interest in some of them and bought the airports with GP. Depending on how the taxi system works in the future, I’m sure I’ll find the desire again.

Oof!They secretly removed one livery.

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Most likely is that Lufthansa special livery on A320 which has glitches found in 2.3

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Yep it was, I have it before it was fixed

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Nice! Ggs on #17 iOS!

Me too

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Was it fixed or completely removed cuz I cant find it no more


The one from wow Air.