A320 v1 question

Some narrow body aircraft engines also non-circular.
Please remodel these aircrafts also…

Well that’s their plane when the 787 and 350 they would do the A320 and the 321

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A320 is expected after A350, so maybe with or after the release of LHR at the end of this year, but depends on what the devs choose to do.


The devs said in the recent dev chat, if I remember correctly, that they want to have all 1st generation aircraft remodeled in 6-12 months


A320 would likely be important, as BA have lots of A320’s


But BA also have a lot of special liverys I put on the Ideas tab like BA better World, One world, Retro liverys Olimpic Dove and Every single Tail design from Project Utopia


That is true, personally I’d rather see the A320 first between the two.


I’m guessing they will do the A320 family when they do LHR since it’s British Airways’ base.

There isn’t any oneworld A320s, although I know it has been discussed, it’s just on some 777-200ERs currently. easyJet is a livery which would be nice to see some livery variety for, same for some airlines we haven’t seen much of in WoA like Titan Airways on weird and wonderful routes, like Banjul

Honestly, I think an aircraft nobody talks about enough is the 748. Everyone is so focused on aircraft like the 787, a320, a350, and crj that we seem to be forgetting the the 748 could really use a rework too. Honestly I think those 4, especially the first three I mentioned should be main priority but it would be nice if it got done.

Tbh I thought the 748 would’ve been included with the 744 rework, same with the 772 when the 773 was done. I’m glad atleast this time around they’re dealing with the variants right away instead of making them 1 by 1

It sounds like they want all first gen out of the game asap and the 748 is first gen so it’s remodel will be soon

All the original aircraft will be reworked in the next 6-12 months (hopefully on the shorter side) they all need to be updated in order to move on to new phases with the modeling. So aircraft like the 748 will indeed get an update. Just needs to fit in the line with everything else as they can’t do them all at the same time sadly. The 787, 350 and 320 not only have a number of variants they also have a LOT of liveries both player and generic that have to be re-done from scratch once the base model is complete. Each one takes a decent amount of time too.
Patience… it will come