A321 in near future?

I see we have the a319 and a320, will we get the a321 in near future?

Popular question. Will probably be worked on when they update the base model. The current one they are working on is the 787 into its 3 versions.
So it’s on their list for sure, but not coming soon I’m afraid unless they surprise us.


I was just wondering about this, isn’t the A319 updated and if so, wouldn’t it be easier just to stretch it? I’ve never modeled but I have been on other flightsim forums that have mentioned this particular fact

I’m almost certain that they can and have stretched some airplane models. But you have to keep in mind that they also have to redo the liverys from scratch

Oh yes that I’m aware of
I paint planes for Flight Simulator so I have some knowledge of the process

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Any advice on should we then unlock the 757 or wait for this A321???

Unlock the 757, it’s going to be a while for the 321.
Focus right now is 787,350 and the 220

Okay fine!!! Thanks.