Dear All,
I am new on this forum, I have read many discussions, so I understand the longer roadmap what the developers have in mind or not. Before I found this forum, I used to email them for request, but with little outcome. However, I admire their work and passion, even though I invest dollars for the gold planes of two reasons, to reward the developers and of respect. Nothing is free in this world. As we spend money on Starbucks, or on a chocolate bar, this gives me more entertainment, than a chocolate bar.
Now with this said, I had some expectations of A321/ neo and their new intercontinental versions LR/XLR, that my national flag carrier, SAS have 3 of, one now on CPH-BOS. Evne though OSL would get IAD as before corona tragically destroyed plans and economy.

  • Lufthansa, Air France, SAS, Finnair, British Airways, MEA, Aer Lingus, Jetblue, Swiss, Wizz Air, Aeroflot, Iberia, Turkish Airlines, Air China, China Southern, Asiana Airlines, Egypt Air, TAP to mention just some carriers using it intra-regional or now intercontinental with A321LR/XLR such as mentioned: SAS and Aer Lingus, Jetblue.

I may be alone on this desire. Maybe I am too ignorant lol
-Where on the road map will this aircraft and work horse for so many big carriers be added?

Any insights, opinions?

Scandinavian player.


I guanrentee you the a321 will come in most of its variants at some point, when? We may never know

That is good to hear. I just feel the feedback page is useless. I have voted and written arguments for nothing.

It is not for nothing that is for sure but also democracy applies + ideas have to be somehow in line with devs own agenda for expanding the game.

agreed, there’s also a time/capacity side of this. They can’t put everything in at once, because they don’t have the team to do that, many like the excitement of what’s to come without knowing the exact course. The fact they have a feedback page to give you an idea is fantastic in my opinion, and you want to drip feed in what’s being expanded, for one thing, Game play abilities and the other, to keep a continual source of revenue coming through, to support the future development.

On the other hand, once you engage in a business, what to expect other than demand and expectations, right? As a notion or a metafor: A bakery that does not supply with the demand of brownies but keep on cream buns will by the time go out of business.

Yes but you also can’t be all things to all people. To use your bakery analogy. You could have demand for cakes. Cream buns. Bagels. Bread, apple pies and scones. You have a small oven which can only be expanded over time and you need to get your name out into the market place. Do you make cakes very well first to do that, lose some cream buns sales so that you can build a strong market of what you are best at, and then be able to say to your customers. Hey we are great, coming soon Bread, because we know you need that, possibly cream buns but we aren’t ready to make those yet

Demand is important, but so is the ability to supply and deliver those products when you are ready to do so. Devs aren’t ready yet, so while the demand maybe there. Focus is on building a game to appeal to the widest market they can first.
The 321 will come, there is no doubt, but it should not be at the expense of the wider game just because there maybe a specific demand for it and limited resources to deliver it, when there are other pieces that need to be done.

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+1 would love to see different variations of the 321neo if it ever does come out!

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