A350 vs B777

Hey guys,

can someone post screens with destinations for A350? (IAD or PRG doesn’t matter) I want to know what is the different in prices between A350 and B777. Thinking about getting one…fleet :slight_smile:
Already have B777 and looking for next plane :slight_smile:

Thank you

you can view details of each plane in the hangar now. In short 777 has 40 pax more but is a bit slower. destinations are the same since they’re both L

You didn’t get what i mean. My point is how much money you can get for example for trip from IAD to Hongkong? B777 is something about 35500W, and A350? :slight_smile:

31032 for an A350 from IAD to HKG


This might be off topic, but this is why adding more planes is cooler. It gives players a variety of aircrafts to choose from all having their own specifications, allowing players to choose what they want more for the airlines.

Thank you so much devs for making this game appealing in this manner and I am really looking forward for more aircrafts in the future.