A350 Window Bug

On the JAL A350, I had this bug where there was a second set of windows over the other ones. This is the only time I’ve had this bug so far so I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the JAL A350 only, or other A350s or even other aircraft. Here is a photo:


Same with old B738 models (Ryanair, etc.)

same with other planes

Looks like that is just concept in general than day and night lights - are two different layers, but their positioning similar as possible. Only on A350 there is some misplacement,on other planes it is almost unnoticeable.

Same problem for me, it’s noticeable on some of the newer 737s as well, such as SmartWings

Thanks for the report. :slightly_smiling_face:
I tracked the textures down and fixed them. Some legacy livery textures have a slightly different window arrangement.

They should all be fixed in the next update, unless I missed some.