A350 Wing View?

Didn’t know where to post this so I’m creating a new topic, @carlsberg72 feel free to move this to where you think is appropriate.


Will the A350 be getting a realistic wing view like on the BAe146? At the moment the current view on the 350 is around the wing. My question is will the devs have a view infront of the wing at cabin level for the 350 or keep it the same. Example image attached:


This would be amazing

I really hope so even better if they added a camera at the back on both sides.

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I know they were looking at updating a few things. But the testing hasn’t shown that yet. But they do have a habit of throwing new things in mid test. So I’m not going to say no outright yet.


Need I say more? Fantastic, 10/10.


What livery is the pink engine one? Never seen it, unless it’s a player livery

Fantastic! Now we just need a window view with interior ambience

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It is a player, infact both aircraft are!


Something tells me that A220 belongs to Orange Air :thinking:

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This is what I mean about rear window cameras

bro thats literally what the update changed

That’s the front not the back.