A35K’s profit

I think A35K’s profit is too low.
I sended B789 and A35K to MCT, But profits are same…
A35K is more big and expensive airplane. I think it need fix

You pay more on “other cost” and cost based on weight, that lowers profit for larger aircraft operating shorter range.

My MCT fleet has some A380 with only 9k profit to Russia, and 777 with 12k profit flying to East cosat USA.

So in conclusion, medium plane = the best size?

I know about that. My base on IAD.
IAD - MCT B789’s Profit 8k-9k
IAD - MCT A35K’s Profit 8k-9k
It’s same. Im talking about that.

In real world, airlines will have “other income” based on availible seats or pax transported like advertisment or subsidies. But yes, A35K has a better balance between performance and profit than jumbos.