A35K’s reward

Why A35K’s Flight reward(wollars) is low than A359?
Is this only ingame? or in real too?

What are you talking about? Wollars? XP? SP?

Wdym with flight rewards? Because XP for the A359 is 124 after completing contract 10 and the A35K is 135 XP after completing contract 10. You also get more wollars and more SP from the A35K on the same route

A35K hold 10% more passengers than A359 (480 v 440) and the XP reflects that. BUT B78X, like A359, holds 440 and it has significantly lower XP (100 v 124).

I believe that Wollars are proportional to aircraft capacity AND distance to destination… longer routes have higher Wollar rewards.

For anyone curious

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Love it! Thanks for the formula!

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If you are using the minimum profit value, its important to note the following:

  1. This is really effective for figuring out the best configuration of a plane.
  2. Your mileage will vary with comparing planes as each plane has its own economic factors affecting it beyond seating. If you are comparing two planes whose projected profits are within 3-5% of each other in minimum profit, treat it as a tie, and compare the actual results from the plane.
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