A380 contracts at SXM

SXM airport is not intended for some L and all X aircraft operation, which is a massive unrealism, considering how short the runway at SXM is (2300 m/7550 ft) that it wont be enough for an A380 to land on SXM. While it do makes sense for a 747-400 to take off and land on a normal MTOW/MLW (which I found the MRW to be 7500-8000 ft), its considered impossible for such X planes to land on such short runway, therefore losing the rank for its ability to operate X airports.


This can be a problem since the airport before SXM is LEJ, which can handle X. With the removal of X and L, the player might dissatisfied after grinding for hours on big airport just to see that the next airport is like INN.

But I also agree, for realism.

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While the devs strive to make the airports as realistic as they can, there are many situations that require departures from that. X at SXM is one. L at BRI is another, cargo location at SAN is a 3rd.
So while it is correct you wouldn’t see a 380 at SXM, gameplay and interest of players rule and so the adjustments are made in the mechanics to make it work.


Out of interest, what is the reason for the cargo area at SAN not being in the right place. As far as I could see the only issue would be runway crossing but we have that at MCT, so shouldn’t be an issue now

broo who cares about it, its a game

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what do you mean by cargo location?? a 777f can perfectly fit there

When SAN was designed, I don’t think runway crossing was possible with the coding they had. I agree it could now be moved to its correct one. But that’s why

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Yes I know, but it will be unrealistic to fly a giant A380 on a 2300 meter runway. Straightforward.

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If you don’t like it, don’t get an A380 contract! Simple as that


I’ve checked some sources that some L planes can accomodate for up to 6500 feet of runway like A350 does, some are 7000-7500, and some can’t go through 7500-8000 considering that the plane is too large for a short runway operation. Much like an LCY or SDU for example, like how does an A320/B738 can go for 4000 ft runway operation? Makes no sense.

Nah man, I’m talking about realism. Not personal choice, look the FR24 on runway details and prove me wrong lol

I’m not saying your wrong, but if your complaining about it, don’t get unrealistic contracts, some of us enjoy the fact we can have an A380 at SXM



Anybody know of A380 service at SAN, LEJ or PRG. me either. It’s a game. While the devs are trying for realism, poetic licenses are always made. It is what it is…


It’s a game bro. A game doesn’t need to be realistic.

Well, that is a coin with two sides.

It is undeniable that SXM does not fit A380s. However, I am glad seeing them moving around!

Like what devs have said, they would like players to have the choice. So you can discard all A380 contracts but other players may wish to see the superjumbo!

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Just adding to the discussion, the lengths you have quoted are for MTOW/MLW. It is common for airlines to limit the weights of their aircraft to enable them to depart and arrive at certain airports which they otherwise cant at maximum weights.

A fully loaded 747 at MTOW won’t be able to depart SXM but if the weights are limited it certainly is possible!


I do think that MTOW isn’t the only reason. The A380 wingspan also plays a huge role


And yet both AF and KLM did that for years… were they weight restricted, as I never heard that they were

I think that the B747 flew directly from Amsterdam to Sint Maarten. So the weight was not a factor. It then continued to Curaçao.