A380 or B747

Hey so I have almost collected enough Gold Planes so that I can unlock either the 747-8 or the A380.
I just want to know is it worth it to go for the A380 instead of going for the 748 considering it costs two more Gold Planes and almost like 30k wollars more for each piece. I am in a dilemma about which to unlock as I like both of em.
The players with more experience, what would you suggest for me???

747 got longer range, hence more potential destination. A380 got more seats, hence more income. 2.0 has more destination slots than 1.0, you can start with 747 to open all slots, then swith to A380 for max income.

However the total golden Eagle and wollar cost to build a full XL network and a full speed airport is massive, more likely you will got enough golden eagle to unlock the other aircraft before you finish building the flight network, regardless which aircraft you start with.