A388 / NGO - No contracts

Hello everybody
I‘m trying to get some info about a frustrating problem: I have saved up enough gold coins to unlock and buy my first A388 in Nagoya. Now it sits there and there are no contracts to be found. The map ist just showing NGO, no destinations available.
Am I overlooking something? Your help will be much appreciated.

Have you tried changing the seating configuration from all economy?

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Same thing happened with me in IAD

You will probably need to change the seating configuration

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When you buy an A380 it comes in an all economy configuration. But being such a large plane there are almost no destinations where you can fly profitabily in such a configuration. So, to fly it profitabily you need to add in first and business class seats.
About NGO, A380s can then be profitable to IAD and PRG as playable airports. I also operate several services to airports like Seattle, Heathrow etc.

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new patch can make A388 a conn. almost every in-game game airport …with a setup of seat config. of course, like NGO to MCT vice versa :+1:

Not necessarily. NGO to MCT aint profitable. And if it is please tell me what configuration you use. I would like to have it as well.

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Ohhh thanks!!!

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To which destination incan send my a388 frm IAD

SAN, MCT, PRG, & NGO … with precisely seat config. of course