About Cargo Aircraft Payload

I have sent a mail regarding this to the devs but havent received any reply as of yet.
Does anyone else think that except the 752F and the 77LF all other cargo aircraft (maybe also the 748F) are pretty much of very less use?
They have so less range that they can reach limited number of playable airports. The primary reason for them is the payload.
In game all owned cargo aircraft operate at full payload and it cant be configured like we change the seating configuration. Its not likely that thats how they operate in real life because maximum payload will greatly reduce the amount of fuel on board and hence the range.
In my opinion we should be allowed to fly them on reduced payload [like most planes do irl].
What do yall think? Coz this is the only reason I never play LEJ.


I agree that you can actually trade payload for range, I would like to see that being implemented in the game so we can have something like SQ’s A345 that flies extremely long. Of course, in some special cases in air freight industry this works, but max payload would be the most ideal way to operate cargo planes so making this default is not a big deal for me.

Air passenger transport and freight transport can be significantly different, this is another thing to consider.

Range is a critical factor whereas mail packs never mind about how many times they transfer so direct cargo flights (point to point) are not that common.

This game generally reflects the characteristics of planes, I would say. And some cargo planes, such as A332F, are not really good at performance… So stick onto the planes with better range will be the best way to go.