About the Alliances category

With the advent of the ability to send to more than 1 person on a route and across airports. The time has come to create a section for alliances where groups of players can work together to level up etc.
Connections will still apply and be run alongside this for those wanting a more informal approach.
All requests for threads in this category will need to be pre-approved and if anything gets out of hand threads maybe removed.

Also note: while it is up to the Alliance members to work together. It should not be a requirement for equality on sending or receiving aircraft. Even in real life, airlines inside alliances are of different sizes and scopes and I will take a dim view of alliances trying to control themselves in that respect.

Basic rules:

  1. For creating an alliance. Start a thread under this category with your preferred Alliance name.
  2. This will be approved by me and the thread will be created.
  3. Normal connection rules apply. For members wishing to join and connect. You must give your ID and preferred initial connection routes, noting these may shift as game or you can stay on those routes permanently as discussed with your Alliance.
  4. From there the sky is the limit, I will keep an eye on thread posts so they do not get out of hand.

black tails alliance