About the Connections (mini-tutorial)

Please keep connection-related topics in this category. Copy-paste from FAQ.

How does connection(s) work:**

You can establish connection with friend / or complete stranger:

SCENARIO A type name of a friend and confirm it (he must accept connection on his end) - note he must have that slot open/free

Example of estabilishing connection process with known player (succesfuly established)

SCENARIO B use “dice icon” and put yourself into queue for connection - server with pick someone if there is someone in queue that is eligable for connection with yourself

Example when user press random connection from BRI to INN

Video showing process of random connection establishmen in PRG (to INN)

For established connection(s) it is possible to see status of your own (and your “connection-mate” planes):

Same is visible for “connection-mate”:

When your connection-mate plane arrives you will receive in-app push notification (if you have them ON in your mobile device):

When opening BRI eventually connection-mate plane will arrive and upon handling it will “Count as 1” on connection counter.

It is reflected in achievements as well:

That is it. Simple right ? :slight_smile:

Some extra info:

  1. You sending a plane to player you are connected with.
  2. After arrival she/he have 4 hours to handle your plane (it is also blocked at her/his airport for that period - if player will fail it will come back but point will not be granted ; if player will not “land” the plane it goes to other random player - comes back without “connection point”).
  3. When connection is changed to other player - counter reset to 0.
  4. Enjoy connections feature, hope above helps.

Once you reach 100 planes via a connection, is the reward repeatable or can you get a gold plane with a new connection? Are there any reasons to keep a connection past level 100?

There is no other reason than having highest connection number in stats (but no in-game bonuses connected on top of 100 bonus)

I keep sending plane after plane (my fleet) to all airports, from all airports (BRI, IAD etc.) but the connection counter remains 0. Is this a bug?

Also I’ve never seen that airplane button in the player connection menu.

(This is all about the iPad version)

I created a video about connections and streaks too. It has some of the updated interface in case you’re confused from the old interface from Shill’s original post

You need to have a player in order to get the streak and only that player handling your plane will count towards the streak.

Hi, new player here.

The random connection queue feature for me never works at INN. Is this some bug or is this common? I am on the queue but not getting a connection ever at INN.

It’s a common bug i guess…never makes a connection in that way. Other airports work.

I don’t think many people use the random button on other airports. Even when I do, I never get airplanes from that random player nor do they handle the planes that I send them.

I would highly suggest finding someone who you can work with instead of the random button.

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That’s what I do!