About the FAQ's & How to play category

We will be developing a FAQ Category and how to guides to assist new players and those who have recently converted to V 2.0 of the game, understand the game mechanics and how things work. There is also the in-game tutorial that will help too.
These guides/answers have been developed by those who have played the game extensively and want to pass their knowledge on to those who follow in their footsteps. If you feel we have missed something, please let us know and we can create what’s necessary from that.

Hi, i request the developers to activate auto take off. In some airports like lej and mct i need to come out of game screen for every 10 take off as the taxiing is too long so i cant keep a watch over take off. Also i m not receiving notifications of fleet being sent by connectors, only able to receive requests sent by a connector n acceptance of my request. There is a build of huge cache, so cache emptying and recent files closing is big task. Plz consider my requests. Otherwise game update 2.0 is the best to happen.

Hi, I would like them to be automatic hendlingers and I would control the landing and takeoff. Everyone likes something different :sunglasses:

Then there can be toggle button. Automatic landing or manual landing? I have been playing this since version 1. I liked the automatic take offs, many players dont like the manual take offs.

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that is a good idea :+1:
I’ve been playing it since the beginning, but with a long break.