Active/Deactive all arrivals option

With seeing people getting airports full of the same aircraft, I though the idea of an active or deactivate all arrivals might be a good idea. It saves going through every single arrival and updating their status.

Additionally a system to deactivate/activate all arrivals on a certain route if it’s only one route people want to stop arrivals on.


Maybe not all airports at once but 1 airport at a time.

Do you mean all arrivals of the same airlines from all destinations?

A sort of de"Ryanair"ase option.

I think all arrivals

Basically all airlines, then you can select the specific airline your after.

Likewise minds! Our posts crossed each other.

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Some QOL improvements are never a bad thing. I kind of agree that possibility to disable all should be there.

Along with predictive typing filter box for a specific destination (it is way to many of them to scroll around).

Lets see when (if) :slight_smile:


Welcome back, shill.

Way, way to many! Especially when the actually departure tab for our aircraft automatically goes to the back of the queue.

And the worst of all (especially S-tier planes) their timer runs out. So you have to check repeatly.

100%. Welcome back @shill!

I think it should also be possible to switch off player arrivals. Like it’s annoying to lose 3 points because during a 5-10 min game for example, getting a player 777 sucks with a timer that can’t stop when you switch off.