Activity on my account

What happens? I want to play…

That usually means illegal version of game (hacked) was used and it was detected by game server.
Saying above - account was banned as it is only allowed to play with use of official game releases from Google Play and App Store.

More about the same here: Exploiting and cheating policy in WoA

This case can be followed up on FB Fanpage or by contacting @jdrobajs here on forum in a private message.

I have better things to do as download illegaly game… :grin: It is from the store. Therefore it doesn’t make any sense…

@Toso0077 - I don’t know what happened in details - if it makes sense or not I can not judge either.

What I know server is able to find activities caused by illegal version of game - if you think thats not the case just have a conversation with one of devs that has access to server log (mentioned in my previous reply).

I dont have that access so I can not check what precisely caused lock on your account.

I really apologise if my reply sounds rude. I spend many hours gaming this game and now, this… :sob::cry:

No problem. Check with @jdrobajs what was the cause and if its fixable or not.