Add A400M (Cargo plane)

Add Airbus A400M

which will fly all over the world because it can refuel in the air

Military aircrafts are quite underrated, however the A400M is sadly un-popular.

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Thrle luftwaffe uses it (as shown in picture) so it could be a ramstein arrival

It doesn’t matter that it’s popular. But it will fit into the game and will be op :slight_smile:


How will it be “op” it would be a large making it make less than a standard x sized cargo

It would be an op in that it will fly a lot anywhere in the world, because it doesn’t have to land anywhere and it can refuel in the air.

Well an E190 can fly from San to ngo sooo, I don’t think the routes will differ from other large planes

I mean the C17 is already in. Isn’t it a military cargo?

It is but it only has 3 Liveries USAF, IAF, RAF it needs the RCAF, RAAF, Qatar Emri AF ones

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Yeah, could be added,

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