Add General Aviation or Private Jets

You have so much of these gates at Bari Intl, we should have general aviation or private jets stationed there. Make it more realistic when you don’t have 7 gates open that are always open and you can’t do anything about them. You could add Limos, smaller gas trucks, smaller tug and maybe a hangar gate?


Hello you probably know that’s on Bari is free arena it’s good place for something like private flight

There is also a place on insbruck that’s not in use this might be a perfect place for planes

I have idea to make a list you know place where all flight will be sorted by filters or time on airport and be easy to manage

There are few ideas about GA stands at any airport (including one above) but priorities now are in different areas = sometime in the future (not this year).

Well ok if this is in plan I have nothing to do with it
And also what do you thing about list?