Add Notification for Water Salutes

When add news routes or get new aircraft, you wait to see the special moment of the Water Salute.

I believe that WOA should add a notification system telling the player that the Water Salute is happening. Some of us have to be attending planes and don’t get to see the Salute happen.

The notification should be posted for medium amount of seconds on the bottom right or top screen and should be able to be clicked to be shown the salute being taken place. Just an idea for in which I have not seen the Water Salute taken place at my airport.


ok we will add notification window about this special event …thanks for feedback


Great, I would like that too.

…water salute is part of game from now. If you purchase new plane or any new incoming plane from player-player connection has water salute.

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I haven’t actually seen one yet… Have I missed them?


I like this idea but haven’t seen any notifications yet, maybe a little extra for the next update? :wink: