Adding Istanbul, SAW

This is just a request but can the devs add Istanbul AirPort? Since it is My local AirPort I would like to see that AirPort on the game

both IST and SAW are in the game as destinations and we have TK aircraft flying from them into the existing airports. At this time, I have not heard plans to add either of those as playable and there are many ahead in the queue.

Yes I Meant playable airport but we have TR aircrafts so its fine but it would be cool to have a TR playable AirPort

I think it is more efficient for you to make a customize request after becoming a sponser or donate enough funds for the team to make a new airport out of their schedule.

As I Said before this is just a request. I will not be upset if My request doesnt get accepted and I dont have plans to buy gp at the moment

You can always vote for Istambul to show how important is it for you to have it as playable airport.

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You are a legend :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::blush:

That’s IST, he wants SAW, but close enough

IST is fine