Advanced airplane models (A320)

Advanced airplane model for A320, new variant:


What do you think to have the a320 with a new advance for the next update ?

I doubt you will get the 100-200 variant. The neo is on the consideration list and given it looks like they have moved up the 319neo that’s a bet for a future update, not necessarily the next one.

Right now the alignment appears to be adding the 330 first. But that’s definitely subject to change

I would like the 320neo for sure.

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True, I doubt they would ever add these. However, just like we choose livery designs, maybe we can choose to either have wingtips or not.

Yes Exactly I can make a little more of a future we can have the a320neo and the a320
We also have more aircraft that have to do a little more improvement Little more progress

A320 becoming an advance model, I’m surprised that didn’t happen with the release of the A319. With the A319neo getting added, it pretty much confirms the A320neo and the A321/A321neo for sometime in the near future. Personally 737 MAX or 757-300 (757 Advance model) should be contenders for the next M reworks, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

Just as a little note - The current A320 is the -200, but many just know it as the A320. Not really many differences between the -100 and -200, most noticeable being the winglets.

I hope next one Will a320xlr

A320XLR doesn’t exist. A321XLR is due to enter service in a couple years time (I think anyways), but that’s basically an A321neo.

It may be that in the future we can have the a321 in the game
Many people might like the idea to have a321-100 , 321-200 and 321neo
But the a319neo For the next update Only you have not put the airlines
But if they are going to put the airlines Can put like
American Airlines
Allegiant Air
China Eastern Airlines
Those airlines could be in the next update

We need A321 to replace our aging 757

Bro It is their decision if they want to put the a321 but that will see for the future But the b757-200 is still operating as united delta and usp

People by the way in the next update goes this a319neo

What do you think about this plane ?

given the fact that hardly any airline operates the A319neo (all 3 delivered A319neo are business jets) I would have preferred the A320neo or even the A321