Advice on Silver planes: would you spend or save?

Basically what the title says – I have just accumulated my first large batch of 4000 silver planes, and considering using them on of the X planes…

But with the new 2.0 update coming, would you spend now or hold off? Are we expecting new L/X class planes in the Store worth saving for?



I’m privileged and would buy gold planes :crazy_face:
Over the time, although playing less the last half year, I also got a bit over 2000 SP.
Depending on how the game will be after the update, I decide when it’s in my phone. I didn’t know what to do with them now, but the new ground service additions are good to use them.


I would wait

In the discord we were told there will be a sale after the realease.

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Currently I have around 1300 silver planes. I scrap a lot of aircraft to collect them. But I usually spend them. I have unlocked the following aircraft with silver planes
Some of them also have liveries. But right now I would rather not spend of silver planes.
I think the Devs would be kind enough to give us a sale after the update is released and I dont want to be in a position where I want to but cannot unlock an aircraft. Also there will be new planes which I might want to unlock…so just hold on is what I would say right now

Thank you everyone for the info!

I previously had E170/E190/C17 but holding out on an x class based on the advice on this thread!

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