Aer Lingus (A320)

Hoping the old colors will also be available


I really love the Old livery, there are some aircraft that still have the old livery. (I have got one of the old livery here)


Nice pic with retro aswell :+1:


I’ve cleaned this mess up. All these petty arguments are beginning to get really annoying now. There is absolutely NO NEED for any of the toxic behaviour I’ve been observing these past couple of days.


Great. Would you please unlock the Israir thread which was locked for the exact same reason?! Hopefully the satire was understood…

I would unlock it, but I don’t want to risk yet another argument starting. It’s not the only livery post which has been locked because of people bickering about something. Best leave those matters behind now, last thing I want to do is start adding fuel to the fire for yet another incident.

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I may not be in the right position to say this but

People. We are all adults (for the most part).
Act it.


Keep in mind not all users on the forums are Adults most that are not are Teens

Hence why I added “for the most part”

My point still stands, teens can still act like adults, if I can, the rest can.

And this immediately proves my point about things easily turning into an argument. :man_shrugging:

Let the matter drop now, seriously…


I surrender… :white_flag: